TAYLOR COUNTY, W.Va. – Congressman David McKinley visited the number one gun producing factory in West Virginia Thursday afternoon.

Wolfpack Armory makes military-grade weapons at its facility. The small family operation began in a garage six years ago and has been rapidly expanding ever since.

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The husband and wife owners gave McKinley a tour around their factory, showing him the equipment used in making their military-grade weapons. McKinley said it’s important for him to visit with small business owners so he can figure out what they need to be more successful.

“What we want to hear, talking with him, is to get input from them and how we can broaden their market. Whether that’s with the military, whether that’s with the defense department, whatever that might be. I want to see how we can help them.”

“What we would like to see out of this is some law enforcement contracts, maybe some government contracts, because in this industry, it’s really boom and bust, so to have that sustainability and that steadiness is really desirable, so he’s really looking forward to making connections for us really,” said Brooke Weaver.

If you would like to have a custom firearm made at the armory, or learn more about Wolfpack Armory, check out their website here.