GRAFTON, W.Va. – Taylor County Middle School students are competing in a regional video contest.  

A group of nearly 20 middle schoolers submitted a video to the West Virginia Manufacturers Association in its contest called “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” The students were paired with the Appalachian Wood Pellet Company to learn about what they do on an everyday basis and summarized it in their video.  

Students who volunteered for “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” contest video

“We got to touch the product, we got to feel the product and look at the different machines and how everything worked, and I think it was more cool than looking in a book and learning how to do stuff,” said Parker Biller, an eighth-grader at Taylor County Middle School said.  

“I found interesting, the sources that they use. It’s organic sources they use straight from their sister company across the street, so they’re able to use their scraps and make a completely different, new product which is amazing,” said eighth-grader Sophia Austin. 

Students participated in making the video on a completely voluntary basis and spent their lunch and free periods planning and editing their submission.  

“I think that we put a lot of work and effort into making sure that we saw all the things that we enjoyed doing there and we got to really focus on interviewing people and understanding what they thought was really cool,” eighth-grader Jaylin Summers said about their video.  

The voting for this round of the contest ends Tuesday, May 3 at midnight. The link to vote can be found here.