GRAFTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Residents of Taylor County may have noticed an increase in the homeless population throughout the county yet resources for these individuals seem to be dwindling from little to none.

12 News spoke with one individual, who has chosen to remain anonymous, on her personal experience with attempting to connect those dealing with homelessness with the proper resources.

“I called the commissioner, one of them, and I’ve called the city. I’ve called about everybody you could think of to ask for resources because personally I don’t really even know how I can help, and they tell me the DHHR, the health department, but these aren’t resources that can actually like get this guy a place to live.”

The concerned Taylor County resident has taken it upon herself to help those in need to the best of her ability. She has even spoken to one individual who has fallen on hard times about relocating counties to live in a homeless shelter for the time being.

“He was born and raised here, went to school here. I asked him if I could get him into a shelter in Marion County, if he would go and he said he wanted to stay in Taylor because this is the only place he’s ever known, born and raised here. He doesn’t want to leave it but it’s like they’re just trying to push them out,” said the concerned Taylor County resident.

12 News reached out to the Taylor County Commission for a comment on the matter, to which they declined at this time. However, the concerned resident of Taylor County has a word of advice for fellow residents.

“I was told that while, yes, I’m a concerned citizen, there’s always five more people who are calling, trying to get these people pushed out. I think that we can just be better as people understand that, yes we get to go home to our cozy beds every night but then there are people who aren’t that lucky.”

If you or someone you know is undergoing hardships in Taylor County, you can reach out to the Taylor County Family Resource Network for its service.