UPDATE (5/13/2022 9:33 a.m.):

GRAFTON, W.Va. — The Taylor County PSD and Harrison County 911 Communications Center have stated that Taylor County is now back to being under a boil water advisory.

The water conservancy remains in effect at this time.

UPDATE (5/12/2022 2:55 p.m.):

GRAFTON, W.Va. — An update has been given on the status of ongoing water issues in Taylor County.

According to the Taylor County Public Service District, residents of Taylor County are now safe to drink the water.

However, the PSD noted that there is still a water conservancy in effect until further notice.

ORIGINAL (5/9/2022 9:00 p.m.):

GRAFTON, W.Va. – A raw water main line coming through the Tygart Dam burst last night in Taylor County.

A six man crew worked through the night finally getting the repairs done early this morning. When they went to re-pressurized the 87 year old line, it burst open in four new locations. One of those being near the foot of the dam, causing the Taylor County Public Service District (PSD) to shut down its water treatment plant.

The Army Corps of Engineers was called in to asses the new damage. Water treatment plant operators said they’ll work tirelessly around the clock to keep fresh water flowing to both Taylor and Preston Counties.

Zachary Bryan, Class II Water Treatment Plant Operator, said, “We take great pride in what we do. There’s a lot that goes into the water industry that a lot of people don’t notice. We were up all night, some of up for 24 hours or more in an attempt to get this fixed before the problem could even be noticed. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent an act of God. At this time, again, there is no health threat unless you run out of water, then we ask you to boil your water.”

Bryan says the PSD has three million gallons of water saved in two towers. The treatment plant will use pumps to continue operations until the other leaks near the dam can be fixed.