GRAFTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Walk for Women Taylor County held their annual walk in Grafton Saturday, bringing awareness to the impact that breast cancer has on the community.

The walk was hosted in downtown Grafton to honor Mary Hoover Myers, who was a long-time supporter of Walk for Women Taylor County. The walk is a way to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and treatment not just in Taylor County, but all over the state.

Alicia Lyons, Walk for Women organizer, said, “Funnily enough, Mary always said every year, uh, cancer doesn’t stop for the rain. So, that’s kind of ironic that it rained today. Um, but it just shows the dedication that people want to rid the world of this, this disease, um, because it keeps taking women and harming women in West Virginia and the world. But, it’s very heartening that people did show up today in the rain.”

After the walk, participants gathered and shared memories of Mary and others who have fought the same battle.