FLEMINGTON, W.Va. — West Taylor Elementary School spent Sunday afternoon hosting a fall market for residents. It was a step down from the school’s annual fall fest due to COVID-19, but there was still lots to do for children and adults.

Craft vendors filled the gym with autumn and winter goods for residents to shop from. Outside of the gym, a few food vendors offered tasty treats. In addition, a few food trucks sat on the front lawn of the school for lunch. All vendors had a bag of candy with them for children that came up in costume for some trick-or-treating.

In addition to the vendors, the school introduced its “Raise the Roof” campaign. The campaign was aimed to fund a shelter over the sidewalk leading up to the school’s back entrance, shielding students, parents, and teachers from the elements during drop-off and pick-up.

“They can walk out under the shelter and some of the teachers can stand out under the shelter. You know some of those rainstorms are pretty strong and the wind is strong, so that will protect them,” said Jenna Fischer, the principal at West Taylor Elementary.

Another element of the fall market was readings to children. Local authors made appearances throughout the afternoon, reading books to children that came by with their families for the market.