WBOY’s Lauren Talotta reviewed this product. Below are her thoughts and opinions.

Hard-boiled eggs are a staple for those who eat breakfast on the go, and this week’s Test It Tuesday product claims it’ll speed up the process! The Egglettes are non-stick silicone egg cookers that many viewers requested, but have we cracked the code to making the perfect hard-boiled egg?

To test the product, we enlisted the help of WBOY anchor Paige Hopkins and meteorologist Shawn Householder.

“I love eggs! Eggs are always a great breakfast for me. I do scrambled eggs a lot before I get here [WBOY],” said Hopkins.

“A lot of times, I will boil eggs on Sunday evening. I grab them, put them in my bag as I’m heading out the door. Sometimes, I’ll just eat them here [WBOY] at the desk while I’m preparing the forecast really quick,” said Householder. “Especially when you’re in a rush, you want to peel them very quickly. You have to just be very ginger with peeling the eggs.”

“I have such a hard time peeling them, so if there was something quick that made it easier for me to eat them, then I’d go to that before scrambled eggs,” said Hopkins. “I’m a little bit skeptical because usually, eggs obviously have a hard shell, so I don’t know how that will protect the egg, how the egg will maybe shift while it’s in the boiling water. This could be a game-changer.”

“A lot of times, I don’t end up eating the yolks, so if you mess up the peeling process, you don’t get much egg white, so it can be a pain,” said Householder.

They got right to work – cracking four eggs and pouring their contents into each respective Egglette, all of which had been coated with cooking spray. Then, they boiled them for 10 minutes.

“You’re boiling a piece of plastic or silicone for 10 minutes or more. That’s the other bad part is if you’re boiling a dozen eggs at a time, you have to buy a bunch of these,” said Householder.

After that, they soaked the Egglettes in a bowl of cold water, then tried to pop them out.

“It [the instructions] said, ‘Gently squeeze or shake,’ and we kind of had to do a little more than ‘gently’ to get it out,” said Hopkins. “They looked a little funny – definitely not as pretty as in the infomercial.”

“It didn’t look all that appetizing. It had a weird look to it, like it was bubbly,” said Householder. “I’m a diehard. I’m slow to change, so I’ll probably just stick with the way I’ve been doing it.”

On the other hand, Paige said she would give Egglettes another shot.

“I feel like I would because I don’t make a lot of hard-boiled eggs at a time, so three or four is perfect for me. It’s not super pretty, but since it tastes the same, I’m cool with that. I’m really bad at peeling eggs, so this is just perfect for someone like me,” said Hopkins.