MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The former Woodburn school building in Morgantown is getting new tenants. 

Former Woodburn school in Morgantown

Morgantown City Council approved leases for the Shack Neighborhood House and the Mountaineer Homeschool Hub.  

The Shack Neighborhood House will use its portion of the space to provide before and after-school programs for kids in low to moderate income families in the community. 

The Shack Neighborhood House will have a 5,313 square foot space, which includes a ground floor activity room, three classrooms on the first floor, one classroom in the basement, kitchen, freezer room, pantry, and use of shared space including restrooms and hallways. 

“When the Shack opened back up after COVID, we had an overwhelming response of families wanting to come there for after-school,” Shawnda Cook, executive director of The Shack Neighborhood House, said.  “We had a tremendous response for our summer camp. We envision that we will have the same response at this location as well. There has not been a lot of things for kids to do in our communities, so the more programs and service that we can offer, the better.” 

The Mountaineer Homeschool Hub will use its portion of the space to provide educational needs to homeschooled children and their families.  The y will use 1,215 square feet of the building. The leased space includes one classroom on the first floor, two offices in the basement, and use of shared space including restrooms and hallways. 

“Woodburn has always kind of been a dream of mine because it’s just the perfect space. We found out that their is space available, and we jumped on it, and luckily the city council has agreed to let us participate, and it’s going to be huge,” Angie Channell, President of the Mountaineer Homeschool Hub, said. “We are so looking forward to having a classroom and playground, and the location is going to be awesome.” 

Playground at former Woodburn school in Morgantown

Mountaineer Homeschool Hub will be having an open house on August 14 and will resume its activities in September. 

The Shack Neighborhood House will start its programs in the building this fall.