CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The Clarksburg area ice cream shop Toni’s announced that it is officially reopening in 2023.

According to the new owners, Paul Howe, Adam Barberio and Aaron Barberio, Toni’s will reopen in the same Adamston location with all the same favorites that the Clarksburg community already loves, including the black raspberry soft serve ice cream.

Toni’s Ice Cream as of March 15 (WBOY image)

The restaurant was originally open for more than 50 years before it closed in 2021. The new owners said they are all three from the Clarksburg area and although they might tweak some items on the menu, Howe said that “all the staples will remain on the menu.”

After teasing on the Toni’s Instagram page that the restaurant was “returning soon” last week, the owners confirmed to 12 News that Toni’s Ice Cream will reopen in 2023 on April 17.

One of the new owners also owns an Italian sausage food truck, Missing Link Sausage Company, that operates in South Carolina, and that business will also be moving to the Clarksburg area.