Artists from all over the state are spending the weekend in Tucker County.

The Tamarack Foundation of the Arts is hosting the first-ever Arts Business Summit at Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center.  Artists from all over the state came together to dive headfirst into a series of workshops and discussion-based presentations.

“We heard from artists that what they really want is to have a place to convene and connect with one another and a place where they can learn about effective business skills that will be specific to their artwork,” said Tamarack Foundation of the Arts Executive Director Renee Margocee.

Attendees are taking part in sessions throughout the two-day event designed to grow small creative enterprise in the state.

“The Tamarack Foundation for the Arts is tasked with serving all artists in West Virginia to help them develop an entrepreneurial skill set so that we can become more and more effective business owners,” said Margocee.

Coordinators said the workshops will create a conversation between professional artists, emerging artists, and art students to create a business focused skill set.

“We all will learn from each other, and we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, of course. To borrow best practices from around the state and to learn from one another what works here in our state,” continued Margocee.

“We need to be talking to our market, our audience, our buyers, and we need to be telling our stories,” said Fiber Artist Susan Feller.

The weekend summit is the first for the Tamarack Foundation and plans are in place to host several more throughout the state.