CANAAN VALLEY, W.Va. – Canaan Valley Resort held their annual Windfest from July 1-3 in celebration of the Fourth of July.

The three day event started on the evening of July 1 with large telescopes for star gazing. Through the weekend, they hosted four vendors and offered scenic ski lift rides. Many visitors were catching some wind during Canaan Valley Resort’s Windfest with a variety of kites.

“A lot of kids do it, but a lot of older people with a kid at heart likes to do it also, so it’s for everybody,” said  David Vance, Canaan Valley Resort’s recreation manager.

Many different kites were displayed and sold during the Kite Festival for Windfest. Vance said that Canaan is the best and biggest place for air to come through the valley. A build-your-own-kite work shop allowed visitors to decorate and assemble their own kites to fly.

“It’s good for not only the guests the come to the lodge but its good for the local people that live in the area, and it brings in a lot of tourists,” said Vance.

A starred and striped kite was flown high as the National Anthem was played on July 3, the final day of Windfest. The fireworks display was set off in Thomas on Saturday night.

The starred and striped kite was flown during the National Anthem.

“My job is to make sure that we have events and that people are doing things and having a good time and they can go away and tell everyone what they’ve done here at Canaan and it brings business to the valley,” said Vance.

Vance has been at Canaan Valley Resort for 37 years, and said the Windfest has been going on since before he got there.