TUCKER COUNTY, W.Va. – A grassroots organization supporting the alternative northern route for Corridor H has received over 1,700 signatures on Change.org, which is more than the populations of Thomas (517) and Davis (782) combined.

“The purpose of Corridor-H is to more easily bring people to the area, BUT the proposed route will serve to destroy a great number of natural and historic sites that people come to the area to see,” Susan Hicks from Thomas, WV commented after signing the petition, “It would disturb the rail trail and coke ovens area, which is an extremely popular area for visitors and locals alike. Being able to make the way to Douglas Falls in such a peaceful setting is an amazing, never to be forgotten experience. It would be tragic to lose this.”

The group handed out this map at the meeting on June 22nd.

Previously, 12 News reported that the group attended the Davis town council meeting on June 22 to express concerns over the DOH’s route and ask the council to support their route. The council decided to create a committee to sort through the facts and help the council arrive at a decision. They said they aim to have another meeting with the DOH in late August or early September, where questions from the committee would be raised.

Some concerns the group raised included excessive light pollution, the separation of Davis and Thomas, lack of walkable options between the two towns and concerns over truck traffic. The group said they have a petition for the West Virginia Division of Highways to reconsider the current route that includes the signatures of 22 out of 24 businesses in the town.

Rachelle Davis from Thomas, WV, who started the petition, wrote an update on July 10th, thanking those that signed: “The West Virginia Division of Highways has taken note of local opposition to their preferred route for the corridor, and we remain hopeful.”