DAVIS, W.Va. (WBOY) — Anyone who wants to share their opinion regarding the new Corridor H route through Tucker County will now have additional time to make their voices heard.

The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) has extended the deadline for comments on the Corridor H route between the towns of Parsons and Davis to Jan. 6, 2023. Previously, the deadline was Dec. 12. The 10-mile project that is open for comment will include the construction of a new four-lane, divided highway with partial control of access.

Some Davis and Thomas residents argue that the originally planned route for the new highway would ruin some of the natural historic sites in the area, such as the rail trail to Douglas Falls, the historic coke ovens and the Blackwater Canyon Historic Area.

The grassroots movement to switch the placement of the highway to an alternate “northern route” has been going on since summer. The northern route would bypass Davis and Thomas entirely and, according to concerned residents, prevent light pollution and truck traffic in the two towns.

Map depicting the originally planned Corridor H route through Davis and Thomas compared to the alternate northern route

A petition to change to the northern route has 3,775 signatures as of Dec. 15, 2022. “Directing commercial traffic traveling to locations outside the county through the center of our towns would have a detrimental impact on our businesses,” it says.

Those who want to make a comment to the WVDOH can submit them online using this link or by writing to the DOH. This form can be printed and mailed to:

Mr. Travis Long, Director
Technical Support Division
West Virginia Division of Highways
1334 Smith Street
Charleston, West Virginia 25301

If you would like to sign the petition organized by concerned residents, you can access it using this link.