ACCIDENT, Md. (WBOY) — The dog who was found with a gunshot wound to the head in Tucker County earlier this month has made a miraculous recovery at HART for Animals, Inc., an Accident, Maryland-based non-profit.

The organization shared an update on Brendan, or “Bucky”‘s condition on its Facebook page Wednesday. It was accompanied by a sweet video of staff applauding as the dog was being walked out of its facility, wagging his tail and giving doggie hugs to his new friends on his way out.

Bucky recovering at HART for Animals, Inc.

HART said it took multiple stages for its staff to stitch and clean Bucky’s injury because it was so severe, but “Bucky met every moment with a great attitude and a smile on his face.”

He was able to leave the facility on Thursday and is now back at the Tucker County Humane Society awaiting adoption.

Bucky was found tangled to a tree in the woods with a point-blank gunshot wound to his face and a shell casing in his neck, making authorities believe that he experienced a failed execution. Anyone with information that could bring the person or people who hurt him to justice can reach out to the Tucker County Sheriff’s Department at 304-478-2321.

If you want to give Bucky a loving home, go to the Tucker County Animal Shelter’s website for information about its adoption process. If you’re curious what he’s like, “The staff at HART fell absolutely in love with Bucky and watching him improve warmed our hearts,” the organization posted. It also said, he’s “a very special dog who deserves a very special person.”