Freedom Work, LLC discuss pump storage hydropower project with Tucker County residents


A public meeting was held Wednesday night at the Tucker County Court House in Parsons regarding an electric pump storage hydro project.  

The meeting introduced the county commissioners and the public to the project and allowed them to give comment on the project. Some were in favor stating that it would create jobs and economic growth while others showed concern on the impact it would have on agriculture.  

“A facility like this has never been built in North America before. There are two running right now in the globe, one is in Switzerland, and the other one is starting up operations in India right now. And I am planning with GE (General Electric) to make this site if we get approved the first site for this type of facility in North America,” said Tim Williamson, of Freedom Works, LLC.  

There is a pump source hydro facility similar to the one proposed in Bath County Virginia that is still in operation. Also, a pump hydro facility was proposed to the Tucker County in the 1970’s.  

“We don’t know about what we’re studying yet to say this is going to fly. I think that everyone should realize that we’re just starting this process, we’re exploring the viability of this, if and only if we get approval from bot the federal electoral regulatory commission and also the U.S. Forest Service will we be able to even study this project.” said Williamson.  

Freedom Works, LLC said they are open to comments from everyone, and that the comment period will not end till a hydro facility is operational.

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