CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) – On Tuesday, The West Virginia Senate approved a resolution that Jan. 17, 2023, would be designated as Tucker County Day. West Virginia Republican Senator Randy Smith (Tucker-14th) proposed the resolution to be put out for a vote.

“I’m sure the members knew I was going to get up and brag about Tucker County as I always do,” Smith said in the senate session.

Smith went on to talk about the history of the county since its establishment in 1856. He mentioned the rich history of mining and timber, the state parks located in the county as well as how the county was pivotal to the state’s growth.

West Virginia Republican Senator Jay Taylor (Taylor-14th) echoed Smith’s praise for the area.

“I was a junior senator coming into the district and Tucker County, you all welcomed me in,” Taylor said. “Some of the most friendly people around and this is well deserved.”

A delegation from the county observed the session from the gallery of the senate chambers.

“You’re not going to have a more beautiful area than Tucker County,” Smith said.