PARSONS, W.Va. – If you heard drums coming from the mountains at Parsons, that’s because the 4th Annual Thunder in the Mountains Pow Wow was going on over the weekend.

A Pow Wow is a gathering where Native Americans meet together to sing, dance, make friendships and honor ancestral cultures.

“When we hear the word Pow Wow sometimes we think of a wild kind of event and that is completely the opposite of what we do, we are actually here to entertain, to inform, but to also celebrate our heritage,” said Duren Watts, master of ceremonies.

It was also a welcoming social event where the public were allowed to join in and participate during the pow wow inter-tribal dances. Additionally, the event featured native storytelling, authentic foods and offered hand made Native American products to the public.

This is the final year the Thunder in the Mountains Pow Wow will call Parsons, Tucker County, home, as it will be moving in 2023 to Cantrell’s in Fayetteville.

Watts talked about how he is sad to see it go from Parsons with the incredible scenery, but he said this doesn’t mean the Pow Wow will come to a conclusion, as it will be moving to a larger venue

“Once again I would like to thank everybody for coming out, I would like to close you with a little something my people the Lakota, Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ we are all related, when we are here we are all family, if we haven’t met before and you come into my circle your family, if you dance with me your my brother, if you meet me in the two-step your my sister, as long as we are here we are all related,” said Watts.

To find more information about Thunder in the Mountains 2022, you can go to their Facebook page here.

They will be updating their Facebook page to Thunder in the Mountains 2023 in the coming weeks.