DAVIS, W.Va. (WBOY) — Congressman David McKinley (R, WV-1) announced funding for 13 projects in West Virginia, and one project awards the town of Davis a $5 million grant to improve its sewage collection system.

Its current sewage system is in violation of the regulations set by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP), and so it has started to fine the Town of Davis.

The violation is due to a problem with their sewage intake. In some areas, the storm drains run into the sewage drains, and because of that, the mayor says that around 80% of what goes into the sewage treatment plant is actually rainwater. The town goes over the limit set forth by the WVDEP because of the current runoff/sewage system in place.

Davis Mayor Al Tomson said he doesn’t want this problem to keep visitors and future residents or business owners out of the town.

“What we don’t want to do, is we don’t want to be in the position where businesses come to the town of Davis and say ‘We would like to establish our operation within your municipality,’ and we have to say no because we don’t have enough sewer capacity. So that’s why we’re aggressively working to deal with this,” Tomson said.

The new system is projected to cost $6 million. The town is currently looking for funding to cover the remaining $1 million it will take to complete the sewage project. Rates will increase for citizens to potentially fund a bond if the town needs to secure the final million itself.

12 News did a deeper look into the Davis sewer system back in February, and without the federal funding, Davis residents would have seen a significant increase on their water bills.