DAVIS, W.Va. (WBOY) — As of Christmas, the town of Davis was under a “boil water advisory” until further notice.

In a press release posted on the Davis Water Plant’s website, officials asked residents to conserve as much water as possible on Dec. 24, due to the plant being damaged. Along with the conservation of water, it was also asked that citizens boil their water before using it.

Residents of Davis helped conserve the water by not doing laundry, showering, washing dishes, and flushing toilets, except when needed. The town thanked its residents for conserving water and ultimately preventing the town from running out of water altogether.

A Facebook post was made by the town of Davis on Dec. 25, after it found a way to fix the problems that were at hand. Officials wrote that the damage was due to a possible power strike knocking out the water plant’s control and safety systems. It was stated that its control and pump room completely flooded and all electronics were left destroyed, meaning the plant could not produce water.

The water plant learned that the pumps still worked when they began pumping water out. The water operators are now running the plant manually and are able to pump water back into the main storage tank that supplies the whole town’s water.

While the conservation of water is no longer in effect, the town of Davis is still under a boil water advisory indefinitely. Any updates regarding this advisory can be found here.