DAVIS, W.Va. – The new facility to test Virgin’s hyperloop system will be constructed just to the east of Thomas and Davis, on a section of Corridor H that’s already been completed and has the potential to bring dozens of jobs to the area. But area economic and tourism officials emphasized that’s only the beginning.

“It’ll also be, from what I understand, a tourism destination where they will have a welcome center to educate people on the project and their plans for the future,” said Jessica Waldo, Tucker County CVB director.

Image courtesy Virgin Hyperloop

Business owners in downtown Davis are also looking forward to what the new facility may provide. One said the idea of a new, more environmentally friendly test site fits well with the existing community.

“I love that there’s a little bit of a creative energy in this town, so there’s a lot of younger families that have moved here and that have innovative ideas artists and people who have inspiration to create and do,” said Wendy Wood, owner of the Emerald Tree Boutique.

The new project will also likely require some extra work on an old one: Corridor H Authority director Robbie Morris explained the demand the hyperloop project will create only adds incentive to see the highway completed sooner than later.

“I think this project is undoubtedly going to have to try in every way we can to speed up that project, because of the amount of people that are going to be coming in and out, the attention in that area, the growth that that area is going to see is just going to be sped up tremendously,” Morris said.