CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Tucker County is at risk of being left with only one emergency medical crew per shift if the Tucker County EMS levy does not get voter support in the West Virginia primary elections.

Four years ago, an ordinance fee was established to support the Tucker County EMS. Citizens paid $50 to fund EMS services in the county. This funding from the citizens is what made having two crews per shift possible. Over time, some citizens stopped paying, and eventually only half of them were paying to support their county EMS.

The ordinance fee will be abolished next month, and if the levy does not pass, the Tucker County EMS will not have funding to support more than one crew per shift.

Scott Kennedy talks about the importance of voting in support of the levy.

“I would like to see Tucker County progress into the future and not be put on the back burner. We really hate to ask anybody, especially our community for help because they do support us enough the way it is, but without the community support and voting yes for the levy, I feel that Tucker County is going to be in very critical shape as far as EMS coverage if the levy fails,” said Scott Kennedy, Paramedic, Tucker County EMS Assistant Director.

Voting for the Tucker County EMS levy will be during the West Virginia primary election on May 10.