PARSONS, W.Va. – Tucker County citizens may soon have fewer emergency services available to them after Tuesday night’s election.

The Ambulance Levy failed to pass by a narrow margin, with 55% of voters casting their ballots against. The County Commission met Wednesday morning, trying to figure out ways to keep two ambulance crews active in such a large mountainous area.

Commissioners said they don’t have the funds available and are looking for help from the state legislature.

“This is not only a Tucker County issue; it’s an issue statewide,” said Tucker County Commission President Mike Rosenau. “So we’re hoping that they continue working on ways to try and help us fund EMS in our counties. We have a large tourist base coming to our county. So we have 6,700 people trying to support EMS services to a million-plus guests a year. So that’s a big burden on the taxpayers themselves.  I hope the state recognizes the need and steps up and tries to help us as a county.”

The commission will begin meeting with the ambulance authority immediately trying to find a solution for the problem.

In an interview with 12 News prior to the election, Tucker County Assistant EMS Director and paramedic Scott Kennedy said that he believes the county would be in “very critical shape as far as EMS coverage” if the levy didn’t pass.