TUCKER COUNTY, W.Va. (WBOY) – The West Virginia Attorney General traveled to Tucker County on Tuesday to talk with people, both young and old, about the work his office is focusing on.

The Barney Gedwillis Mountain Top Senior Center hosted Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for a round table discussion Tuesday morning in Thomas. The group talked about a variety of issues including consumer protection, Amendment 2, and the opioid crisis.

Morrisey said West Virginia senior citizens are usually very interested in what their government is doing to make their life easier.

“These are folks that have been around and they care a lot about how the state government operates. So it was great to spend time with them. I talked a little bit about the work we’re doing in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit where we’re going after elder abuse. That’s important, we have to protect our seniors from all these scams,” said Morrisey.

He also spent time with Tucker County High School students in the afternoon talking about a variety of issues but mostly focusing on the opioid epidemic and what his office is doing about it. Morrisey also challenged students to become the best they can be with his long list of “P’s” which includes having a Plan or Purpose, Practicing to Perfection and Participating in many activities.

He says most high school students are usually aware of the opioid crisis West Virginia is facing, but they are unsure of what their government is doing to stop it. “So many people know individuals who have been killed by the opioid problem in West Virginia. I know that I have been working really hard to push back and attack this problem holistically and we need more help. We need communities to rise up and say no.”

Morrisey will continue his travels to remote areas of north central West Virginia on Wednesday with several stops in Preston County.