HAMBLETON, W.Va. – Youth Health Services coordinated a school tour for the West Virginia Batman. On Thursday, schools in Tucker, Pocahontas, and Randolph county were visited for The Chain Breaker Tour. There were five schools visited:

  • Tucker County High
  • Davis Thomas Elementary
  • Davis Thomas Middle
  • Tucker Valley Elementary
  • Tucker Valley Middle

West Virginia Batman said that kids can ‘break the chain’, and flourish even if they’re in a tough situation. With every visit, Batman teaches students the four steps to greatness. The four steps are:

  • To never give up
  • Always do the right thing
  • Help other people
  • Never be a bully

“I know that when I leave, I’m leaving them behind with something that’s going to help empower them through the difficult things that they’re facing. Youth suicide is through the roof, and just showing up and giving these kids some hope can be something so simple, but it can go so far. So it’s a matter of helping these kids get the coping skills that they need to know how to make it to the other side of the tough things,” John Buckland, Batman.

At Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School, around 460 kids heard the West Virginia Batman’s message.

West Virginia Batman has also made recent visits to Harrison County schools, parked his batmobile at a Bridgeport church for Easter, and even visited Poland to talk to Ukrainian refugee children.