CANAAN VALLEY, W.Va. – The first of three fat bikes races was held at the Canaan Valley State Park on Jan. 23.

Groups of people gather in the winter to race fat bikes every year if the conditions are right.

“I just like to be outside, and the fat tire bikes let us get outside in conditions that we otherwise couldn’t ride in, a regular bike wouldn’t go over the snow like these do,” said biker Shawn Romano.

According to the West Virginia Fat Bike Race Director Zach Adams, conditions for the race at Canaan Valley couldn’t have been better.

People travelled from Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania for the fat bike race at Canaan Valley.

One lap for this race is about five miles, and cross country racers did three laps, while double XC racers did four laps.

First through third place were awarded for both the cross country and double XC races for men and women.

“To me the real magic with fat biking happens in the winter wonderland with all the sounds of the squeaking snow and the frost on the trees, its just another really great way to get out in the winter,” said Adams.

The winter magic will continue as the race at Canaan Valley was the first in the series of three West Virginia Fat Biking races.

The biggest and final race will be at White Grass at the end of February.

The second West Virginia Fat Biking race will take place at Spruce Knob on Feb. 5 and 6.