DAVIS, W.Va. — A new Guinness world record has come home to the United States, and it was set right here in West Virginia.

Canaan Valley Resort hosted Natural Light Beer’s attempt at breaking the world record for the largest plastic water slide in Tucker County on Thursday. A Natural Light employee broke the world record by nearly fifteen feet.

“We thought about our consumer and what they are doing around the 4th of July. They’re out in their backyard, they’re having a good time and slip-n-slide is an awesome activity they love to do. So, we thought what better way to celebrate 4th of July then to make the world’s longest slip-n-slide and break the Guinness record and bring it back to the USA.” Ben Martinez, Natural Light marketing director.

Natural Light decided to go for the record in conjunction with unveiling its new USA can.

“The previous record is out of the country of Jordan and it was set in 2015 and that measures at 611.7 meters which is 2006 feet and 10 inches. So when we got to 2007 feet today, we had a little celebration, but we kept going and got to 2021 feet.” Mike Marcott, Guinness World Record’s Official Adjudicator.

West Virginia is home to several other Guinness World Records.