Twitter data shows favored holiday traditions in U.S.


CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Each year families across the mountain state, and the country, celebrate the holiday season differently. These traditions have carried throughout time and have even sparked some debate.

Ham v.s. Turkey:

This map is based on geotagged twitter data since December 1st, tracking preference of Christmas Ham, or Christmas Turkey. More than 10,000 tweets tracked were tracked.

While it has allotted for some heated dinner table discussions, according to geotagged twitter data most of the country prefers to have turkey as their Christmas meal. Turkey is the winner with 34 states to 16, with the South and a good chunk of the Midwest preferring ham.

Back home, West Virginia seems to lean more towards the bird for their celebration meals.


This map is also based on geotagged twitter data, tracking sentiment through phrases and hashtags about eggnog in every state, such as “I hate eggnog” or “I love eggnog.” More than 35,000 tweets showing a preference were tracked. Eggnog is a beverage that seems to be either loved or hated, kind of like candy corn during Halloween.

This holiday drink has the country divided more than the previous comparison. The eggnog lovers did come on top with 32 states to 18. Most of the eggnog haters coming from the South and Southwest, including the mountain state.

Data collections and maps were put together by the cooking and BBQ website, Seriously Smoked. The website used trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data.

Ham or turkey? Love or hate eggnog? Let us know your thoughts on these comparisons and you favorite holiday tradition!

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