BUCKHANNON, W.Va. – Upshur County voters went to the polls Tuesday where they had several decisions to make.

The Upshur County Clerk, Carol Smith said all the poll workers did a great job by closing everything down and bringing back the results to the clerk’s office. She stated that the furthest prescient is in Selbyville and all presents were able to get results back in a timely manner. Electronic voting machines have been used since the general election in 2018 in Upshur County.

“For the canvassing process we actually have 14 provisional ballots, and provisional ballots are ballots that could not be counted on election day for some reason, the voter moved, you had poll workers working in a different prescient. The canvassing board will determine if those ballots can be counted,” Smith said.

Canvasing of the votes will be on Monday, May 16th at 9 a.m. at the clerk’s office in the Upshur County Court House.

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