Neighbors in Action expands its initiative to Upshur County


For some, the hardest part part to addiction recovery is finding resources.

Neighbors in Action is an initiative that started in Harrison County and its now making its way to other areas of the state. 

“The way to do that is through walking the walk and that is what we do, literally,” said Wayne Worth, creator of Neighbors in Action West Virginia. 

In a world full of technology, the initiative proves that going back to the basics can be the best solution.

“We felt like the door to door and handing out the flier to people door to door, that is where you build real relationships with folks,” explained Worth. “When I hand out a flier to somebody and I say ‘can you keep this on your refrigerator’ when they know why I’m handing out that flier cause I care about the people they love, they are more than likely going to keep that flier.” 

More than 15 volunteers took to the streets in Upshur County. 

“After a year in Harrison County having over 40 volunteers and knocking on 3,000 doors, we found out that our drug overdose death rate has significantly went down in Harrison County. Also, with the 844-helpline where people can get access to immediate substance abuse resources or detox, we found that in Harrison County alone we have had the most calls in the areas,” said Worth. 

Volunteers gathered at Jawbone Bone park in Buckhannon for the first walk on Saturday and community members said it’s the simple resources provided on the flier that really make a difference. 

“We know that recovery is possible and that is the only thing that really matters and efforts like this will help people realize that recovery is possible and help them find the places to get that started,” said Matt Kerner with Opportunity House in Upshur County. 

“Families fall into a drug addiction. They fall into some kind of situation and they just don’t know what to do so I think this walk is very important to educate people and to help them understand how they can help their family members,” added Lesley Cline with Celebrate Recovery in Buckhannon. 

Worth said Neighbors in Action also went to Belington in Barbour County on Saturday and he said they plan to do walks in other counties throughout the state every other Saturday. 

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