West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition hosted a one-day summit for those fighting against hunger.

Individuals from all over the state came together to discuss how to solve West Virginia’s growing hunger issue and create an action plan.  Food for All presenters shared information on topics concerning state policy, grant funding, summer feeding programs and much more to inspire those in the Mountain State.

“We have to be able to solve hunger if we’re going to be able to move forward as a state.  To have a strong economy, to have people able to work jobs, to have kids able to succeed in school, to have a strong education system, it all really hinges on solving hunger and be able to make sure every family can put food on the table,” said WV Health Kids and Families Coalition Federal Safety Net Campaign Director Savanna Lyons.

The coalition reports one in seven West Virginians and one in five West Virginia children struggle with hunger, and participants hope to change that trend.