BUCKHANNON, W.Va. – Upshur County residents filled the meeting room of the Upshur County Commission to hear from Altice Director of Government Affairs Erin Jones. The company’s recent purchase of Suddenlink had been the cause of billing issues, which were part of the problems the commission asked her to speak about.

Altice representative Erin Jones speaks in Buckhannon

“She was kind enough to come down today to try to address those issues with the public, hear what they had to say, and what she could do to correct those issues and/or address them and reach out to them,” said Commissioner Kristie Tenney.

But individual billing isn’t the only problem residents said they are having with their phone and Internet service from Suddenlink. Upshur County resident Jay Bryant said the company’s rates are not transparent, and he thinks they’re also unfair.

“Some of the cases, like an elderly lady I’m good friends with, she’s paying almost twice what I am for a similar service. And I think some people are being taken advantage of because of this,” Bryant said.

Problems with service speeds are another issue residents want addressed. Some who have tested connection speeds at home say they can’t watch TV clearly or get the Internet connections they expect. They said something needs to be done sooner than later.

“We don’t mind paying for a service if we can get it, but the service has been so poor, and our bills go up at the same time, so it’s kind of not working right,” said Bryant.

Jones was unable to speak to 12 News on camera at the event, but in a statement, an Altice representative said:

“Suddenlink greatly values our long-standing relationship with Upshur County and the opportunity to serve residents and businesses with the best connectivity experience possible, and we continue to invest in our local network and services to ensure the delivery of high-quality and reliable service for all of our customers.”

E-mail statement from Altice USA