WEBSTER SPRINGS, W.Va. (WBOY) — Being established for over a century now, the Webster County Fair is still managing to find fun ways to get the community out to Camp Caesar.

This year, the Webster County Fair had the new addition of a hot dog eating contest, where the winner took home a hand-painted plaque in honor of their success.

This year’s winner was Joe, who managed to get down four hot dogs in under roughly two minutes. This was the initial year for Webster County Fair’s hot dog eating contest which had goers a little hesitant to register, but very eager to watch.

Although new events are always exciting, fair organizers like art and photography department Superintendent Jamie Jarvis say it’s the sense of community and tradition that keeps folks coming back every year.

“I grew up in Webster County, so I remember growing up and coming around the corner into Camp Ceasar and you can see the glow of the lights and the Farris wheel and all the other things that would rotate in and out across the years. It just becomes a part of that rite of passage every fall, you know, when the fair comes around, it’s time for fall, time for football and it’s time to get together as a community,” Jarvis said.

All proceeds made throughout the week go back towards the fairgrounds of Camp Caesar and the Webster County 4-H group. Attendees of the fair are also able to visit the 4-H exhibits while being on sight, although there are plenty of things to get into throughout the week.

“We have a lot of fun things that the kids can get do, we have food, we have live entertainment. Saturday we have the demolition derby, and we have Kate Boytec, she is coming to perform, and we also have fireworks,” said 2023 Miss Webster County Fair Queen, Raney Hayhurst.

Friday is also “fair day” for Webster County, meaning students are able to miss out on a day of school to have some fun with their community at the fairgrounds.

The fair will continue from Monday, Sept. 4 until Saturday, Sept. 9. A full schedule of events for this year’s Webster County Fair can be found here. You can also keep up with updates on the fair, through its Facebook Page.