MORGANTOWN, W.Va.- The West Virginia Botanic Garden held a Winter Botany Walk, Sunday afternoon.

Those in attendance, journeyed through the garden wetland boardwalk, into the forest, the old reserve basin, and ended at the south end of the botanic garden.

They had a chance to observe the vegetation to see how some things grew and how climate affects it.

Local naturalist, Ellen Hrabovsky said, “right now it is easier to see the trees since all the leaves are gone”.

“As you can see the vegetation in the winter looks totally different, said Hrabovsky. “And too many people very drab compared to the rest of the year. And it’s a great educational opportunity for people to learn how to really see the trees without the leaves on them. And to look at the ground and see what’s really there without distractions.”

The Winter Botany Walk is held about every other year and the Botany Garden has been doing this walk for about 20 years.

Hrabovsky also stated that it’s better to see vegetation during this time of year rather than the summer do to distractions from the wildlife, birds, and people.

People who attended were able to catch some fresh air, enjoy a two- and half-mile walk, and see different species of winter birds.

The WV Botanic Garden is prominently an all volunteer organization and they welcome anyone to join their team.