Three inmates have been charged after another inmate was beaten up at Western Regional Jail.

Randall Allen Eplion, 29, of Huntington, Harley Dickinson, 33, of Huntington and Zachary Hutchinson, 29, of Wayne, have all been charged with Unlawful Assault and Conspiracy to Commit a Felony. 

West Virginia State Police said that on Thursday, March 29 the victim was lured into a cell and beaten by three inmates he later identified as Eplion, Dickinson and Hutchinson.

State Police say that Dickinson and Hutchinson lured the victim into the cell, and then other inmates in the section crowded around the cell. Eplion was seen walking into the cell after a short period of time. He was in the cell for several seconds, and then he left.

The victim says that he was hit on the back of the head and then fell to the ground. He said he tried to cover himself up to try and minimize the damage. He says he was beaten with the hands and feet of Eplion, Dickinson and Hutchinson.

The victim said he does not know why he was beaten.

The victim was able to identify Dickinson because he had “SAVAGE” tattooed on his face, Hutchinson because of the cross tattoo on his back, and Eplion because the victim knew his last name before the event.