CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – U.S. News has released the top high schools in West Virginia for the year, and it includes three from north central West Virginia.

Out of 110 West Virginia high schools, U.S. News ranked the top ten based on a number of factors such as graduation rate, student proficiency in core subjects and the percentage of students who took and passed at least one Advanced Placement Exam.

Here is the list of the top ten schools in West Virginia:

  1. George Washington High School – Located in Charleston, West Virginia, GW was ranked the best high school in West Virginia and 812 in the nation. It boasts a high reading proficiency and a graduation rate of 94%.
  2. Bridgeport High School – This Harrison County School is the best in north central West Virginia. It’s also in the top thousand schools in the U.S. at 933rd. Bridgeport students have high proficiency in reading and science and have an almost perfect graduation rate of 99%.
  3. Morgantown High School – The city of Morgantown is known for its college population, but maybe it should be known for its high school students being prepared for college. Over half of the students at Morgantown High take at least one AP Exam and almost 40% pass at least one. Morgantown has a graduation rate of 90%.
  4. Hurricane High School – Hurricane doesn’t have the flashiest numbers when it comes to AP testing, but with a graduation rate of 100%, it seems more than worthy of bringing a fourth-place ranking for Putnam County.
  5. University High School – Despite being the second-ranked school in the Morgantown area, University still has some impressive stats with a graduation rate even higher than Morgantown High at 95%. University also comes in in the top 2,000 schools in the country.
  6. Saint Albans High School – This sixth place school in Kanawha County doesn’t put as much weight on AP Exams as some of the other top West Virginia schools, but it still boasts decent proficiency in reading and science and a graduation rate of 92%.
  7. Wahama High School – This Mason County school is the smallest and the only class A school to make the top ten ranking. Wahama has 55% reading proficiency and a 94% graduation rate.
  8. Jefferson High School – Jefferson is the top eastern panhandle state to make the list. Jefferson has a high minority enrollment at 26%, reading proficiency at 68% and a graduation rate of 91%.
  9. Frankfort High School – Located in Mineral County, Frankfort is the second-smallest school included in the ranking. Although it has relatively low participation in AP Exams, Frankfort boasts an impressive 100% graduation rate.
  10. Cabell Midland High School – Midland is the third-best school in the Huntington area, and although it performs relatively low in state assessment performance, it is top three in the state for college readiness and has a graduation rate of 93%.

All of West Virginia’s top 10 schools were in the top 3,250 nationally out of 24,000 public high schools.

To see the full list of schools and methodology, click here.