CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Coming up with a good, topical Halloween costume can be a challenge every Fall. For some West Virginians, it wasn’t a hard decision this year.

Modeling themselves after West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and his beloved pet, Babydog, was the costume choice for several West Virginians.

Gov. Justice seems to be all for it. In fact, after learning about it on social media, the governor invited a teenager from Charleston’s John Adams Middle School to join him for his COVID-19 briefing Friday, that appears on YouTube.

The young man joined the broadcast in full gubernatorial garb, including a suit jacket, Crocs and hair sprayed white. Of course, he had a stuffed “Babydog” in tow.

The governor joked that it took the boy two cans of white hairspray and said he does “the same thing every morning.”

Sitting behind a microphone at a table next to the governor, the boy, who has gotten his COVID shots, encouraged everyone to “get vaccinated for BabyDog.”

You can watch the full appearance below:

“He has without question, in my book, the greatest, greatest Halloween costume that you could ever pick,” Justice said. “We all want to smile and we want to laugh a little bit. If you can’t tease about yourself and smile and laugh, then I don’t think you’re much of a person,” Justice went on.

The young man finished his time on the briefing with a simple message, “In every way, shape, form and fashion, get vaccinated.” “There’s a young kid on his way in life,” Justice remarked.

The governor get-ups extend beyond the Capital City. Two Morgantown women took it to another level, one, Kerri Ridenour, dressing as the governor, while Niki Waybright took on the persona of BabyDog.

The pair posted a faux COVID-19 briefing on Facebook, garnering hundreds of views.

“Watch those little rascals,” Governor Justice said wrapping up Friday’s briefing with a warning for drivers to be on the lookout for trick-or-treaters over the next few days.