CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The ‘Famous Superstars’ are back here in the Capital City, with a first place world championship trophy.

This cheer team made history over the weekend, collecting first place in Florida at Worlds.

Head coach Brian Gravely and this squad have been working towards this goal for years; a goal that always seemed like a distant dream, until Sunday, when it became a reality.

About 10 countries compete at Worlds, Gravely calling it the ‘Olympics of cheerleading’.

The highest this group has ever gone was placing fifth, so to win first place is something this team is still processing.

“There was so much goin’ on and I just wanted to hug all my friends,” said Keeley Duncan, one of the world champions. “We were all screamin’, fallin’ to the ground… I still can’t believe it.”

“We made it to fourth place and I started crying,” said Caleb Kennedy, another world champion. “Fifth place is the highest I’ve ever made it at Worlds. But we made it to fourth and I started tearing up because I knew in my mind I was gonna be a world champion. And the emotion just took over and I just started crying. I couldn’t help myself, it was amazing. I almost passed out right there. I was screamin’, cryin’, it took everything in me not to.”

“I think that it’s hitting us so hard because most of the World Champions come from California, Texas, Atlanta… all the big places,” said head coach Brian Gravely. “You know we’re just in Charleston, West Virginia. We have a 60×60 training facility with no other equipment besides the floor we use, and we did it. It was a dream for us, that we never thought would be a reality. We just worked and worked and worked, and didn’t take anything for granted, and it happened. We’re just happy we can bring something positive back to the state.”

And now, there is a world championship trophy sitting in the Capital City!

A big congratulations to all of these athletes for their hours of hard work, it paid off!