MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — North central West Virginia does not have a Waffle House location, but a post made by the official Waffle House page on X, formerly Twitter, has caused rumors of a new West Virginia location to surface.

On Friday, Sept. 22, the official Waffle House page made a post on X that simply read: “Country roads, take me home…” a reference to the famous John Denver song frequently played at WVU events.

The post was met with outcry from users who have wished for the restaurant to open a location in Morgantown. This idea has been floated around social media spaces in the past, prompting the creation of a now-defunct automated X account called “Does Morgantown have a Waffle House?” that would post the word “No.” every 24 hours.

12 News reached out to Waffle House for a comment regarding the post, but instead of confirming the rumors, a representative from the restaurant chain said that the chain currently does “not have any immediate plans for that area.” No further information was given.

Despite the region not having one, there are Waffle House locations open in the Mountain State and in nearby states. Huntington has two locations with two others located nearby in Ashland, KY. There are also three locations in the eastern panhandle with others nearby in Maryland and Virginia, and despite the outcry, Morgantown residents themselves don’t have to drive far if they want Waffle House as there are two locations open in Washington, PA.