CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The West Virginia Treasurer’s Office held the largest unclaimed property firearms auction in the state’s history on Thursday.

State and local law enforcement agencies turned in unclaimed, seized or outdated guns in their possession to be auctioned off to licensed gun dealers.

The money raised goes back to the law enforcement agencies that took part. They can use the money for things like officer-training programs, safety equipment and updated facilities.

“We’ve seen [the law enforcement agencies] buy items such as radios, cruisers, all types of different equipment that they’re going to obviously require to serve and protect the community,” State Treasurer Riley (R-West Virginia) said. “So it’s a way for them to get some additional funds and we always know that our local police department can use all the support possible.

In 2022, the auction raised close to $110,000 for the participating law enforcement agencies.