CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — A proposed gas tax holiday will not be providing much-needed relief to the pockets of Mountain State residents. The state’s average price per gallon reached $4.74 on Tuesday, just 18¢ below the national average.

In a press conference Wednesday, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced he will not call a special legislative session focusing on suspending the state’s 35.7¢ per gallon gasoline tax. Earlier this week, he said that he was considering the holiday.

Democrats in the legislature called for the governor to suspend the gas tax back in March when prices reached $4.11. On April 22, Democratic lawmakers sent Gov. Justice a letter requesting the suspension, a message that the governor opposed at the time. Since then, prices have only gone up, with lawmakers worried about high gas prices reducing Mountain State tourism.

However, Gov. Justice has continued his opposition, saying a special session for the gas tax holiday is a “waste of time” that will “only cost taxpayers money.” He said the gas tax gives $36 million to $40 million in funds to improve state funds and provides “decades of benefit.”

“You know where I’ve stood before, and I’ve thought about it, and absolutely I do still contend that the very best thing, the very best thing [sic] is to put our money, keep our money going toward our roads, and fixing slips and guardrails and everything that make absolutely [sic] West Virginia better,” Gov. Justice said.

Toward the end of the conference, Gov. Justice said “left-wing nutjobs” in Washington, DC, are to blame for the rising gas prices across the country. The governor said energy independence is crucial in West Virginia during a time when the direction of the nation is uncertain.

“Now we have a situation to where our people in this great state are driving looking up at a sign that says gasoline five dollars,” Gov. Justice said. “Really and truly, it’s all driven absolutely right at the feet of President Biden and his absolute out-of-control administration in DC.”

Previously, back and forth between Justice and West Virginia Democratic lawmakers raised some heated language and accusations.