CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — One day after the West Virginia State of the State Address, income tax cuts remain the talk of the State Capitol and probably at a lot of kitchen tables.

The ink is now dry on the West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s annual State of the State Address, but the question now is how many of his proposals will pan out? The most talked about is the income tax reduction he offered. It would cut income taxes 30% next year, and then 10% each of the two years after that.

So far, the West Virginia House of Delegates has offered a tax cut of 10% next year, but the State Senate must still tender its plan. Democrats are very skeptical but a strong Republican majority in both chambers may be enough to prevail.

“The faster that we can layer in more in West Virginia and eliminate our personal income tax, absolutely this state will grow in population and grow in business opportunities,” said Justice.

“The problem that most citizens in my district have is making a choice between heating and eating. And the more money we can put back in their pockets, the better of everyone’s going to be,” said Del. Larry D. Kump, (R) Berkeley.

“We want to make sure that we are not cutting any vital services to any everyday West Virginians. Whether it be our seniors, making sure our teachers and state personnel get the raise they deserve,” said Del. Sean Hornbuckle, (D) Cabell.

The governor and key House and Senate leaders talked about their various differing budget ideas over breakfast Thursday morning. The only thing to report is that they promised to keep the group discussion going.

Another proposal from the governor that seems to have wide bipartisan support is another 5% pay raise for all state employees, teachers and school staff. We’ll see if that makes it across the finish line.