SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. (WOWK) — The pelican who was found separated from their flock in Nicholas County has a coracoid fracture but is expected to recover.

According to Three Rivers Avian Center, who saved the pelican and two others, a flock of 14 American White Pelicans was spotted in Nicholas County on Wednesday. The non-profit said that any pelican in West Virginia is not normal, and it is believed that the birds were blown off course by storms.

On Thursday, four were left sitting next to the Cherry River at the West Virginia Division of Highways compound, the center said.

Three Rivers Avian Center workers and three state natural resources officers were able to get three of the birds, one of which injured its coracoid, which is similar to a collar bone. They said the other one flew towards Summersville.

While the injured bird was taken to the All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Princeton, the other two were taken to Summersville Lake to get some fish.

The injured pelican is at the Three Rivers Avian Center on anti-inflammatory medication.

Officials said the reason the birds weren’t taken further south was because it could cause more harm than good. The clinic said that Summersville Lake is a good place for them to get back to where they need to be because it is full of fish and can dive to get them.