FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Mon Power is seeking customers to commit to solar renewable energy.  

The corporation, whose parent company is FirstEnergy, has plans to build five solar facilities in West Virginia.

Customers in the state can now commit to purchasing solar renewable energy credits from these facilities. Once the facilities are finished being built, the customers will receive their needs from the clean solar energy sources.

Solar panels (Nexstar Media Wire)

Each commitment will represent the environmental attributes of solar power and prove solar energy was generated on the purchasers’ behalf. This will be the first time solar energy has been offered from Mon Power to customers in the area, according to officials.

“We are excited for our solar program to get underway and look forward to connecting with customers who have expressed interest in solar power and supporting renewable energy in West Virginia,” said Jim Myers, president of FirstEnergy’s West Virginia operations.

The sources have the potential to benefit household customers and business growth in the state.  

“There’s a growing number of large companies and government agencies that require that a portion of the energy they purchase to be generated from renewable sources,” said FirstEnergy Spokesperson Will Boye. “So, the idea is that by bringing solar energy into the state and generating renewable energy, it’ll pave the way for more economic development. There is a number of companies that require that before they’ll even open an office in a given state.”

Customers who make commitments will not see surcharges until 2024.

FirstEnergy’s five solar facility locations will be: 

  • 26-acre reclaimed ash disposal site in Berkeley County
  • 51-acre site adjacent to a Mon Power substation in Hancock County
  • 27-acre retired ash disposal site in Marion County
  • 95-acre site in Monongalia County adjacent to Fort Martin Power Station
  • 44-acre reclaimed strip mine property in Tucker County

Each individual area for each solar facility needs to reach 85% of total customer commitments for the renewable energy credits to then seek final approval from the Public Service Commission. For the Fort Martin Power Station, they must get 28,000 credits committed before asking the commission to start building. Customers can sign up for several different pricing amounts to earn the credits over time.

Mon Power sign (WBOY Image)

“We’re really going to have a broad menu because we want a lot of folks to be able to participate and support renewable energy and support economic development in the state,” Boye said. “So, for $2 a month, which is the cost of a cup of coffee, you could subscribe and support renewable in West Virginia.”

Boye said the company is optimistic it will reach its goal to seek approval to start building the Fort Martin Power Station in Monongalia County.

To subscribe or find out more about the solar program, customers can submit their information here or by calling 1-800-505-7283.