MASON/PUTNAM COUNTY LINE, W.Va. (WOWK) — A sergeant for the Indiana National Guard is searching for her beloved dog that was last seen near the Mason/Putnam county line on U.S. Route 35.

Sgt. Jillian Sandefur was traveling in West Virginia on Route 35 when she lost control of her vehicle and rolled over on June 12. Sgt. Sandefur’s dog, Murphy, got spooked by the crash and took off running south on the northbound side of Route 35 (view a pinpoint of the location on Google Maps or Apple Maps).


Name: Murphy;
Breed: Sheltie, also known as a small collie or a “Lassie” dog;
Color: Mostly tan and white with some black fur;
Age: 1.5 years old;
Weight: About 22 pounds;
Personality: Extremely friendly but possibly skittish due to the accident.

(Courtesy: Sgt. Jillian Sandefur)

Murphy’s dog tag came off in the wreck, but he is wearing a small, black collar with white skulls.

Sgt. Sandefur had to leave West Virginia on Monday to go back to work. She is hoping to find her beloved Murphy long before she deploys with her unit in September.

“I’m so sorry Murphy,” Sgt. Sandefur posted on Facebook. “I hope that you’re safe. I hope that we’ll still be able to find you. Mommy loves you.”

Anyone who sees Murphy or is able to rescue him should call Sgt. Sandefur at (219) 951-2340. If Sgt. Sandefur cannot be reached, call her father, Jeffrey Sandefur, at (219) 488-4215 or her mother, Darlene Sandefur, at (219) 488-4167.