CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – You may love or hate where you live, but have you ever wondered what’s the best place to live in West Virginia?

Using data from the U.S. Census and the FBI and ratings, Niche has released its top 25 best places to live in each state for 2022. Each town or city was given a letter score in 12 categories to determine rankings. Here are the top six places in West Virginia, according to Niche.

#6 Morgantown

Home of West Virginia University, Morgantown in Monongalia County is known for being full of young people and full of life. It’s not surprising that Morgantown has a rating of A+ for nightlife, but other notable qualities from Niche include an A rating for public schools and an A ranking for good for families. It also has an A- for outdoor activities and an A+ for commute. Morgantown’s worst rating in Niche’s 12 categories is a C for the weather.

#5 Winfield

If you value safety, Winfield in Putnam County might be a good place for you. Winfield rates A+ on Niche’s crime & safety category. It also secured A’s in the housing, good for families, and jobs categories. It also scored an A- in public schools and cost of living. The lowest rating Winfield received was a B- in several categories.

#4 Star City

This Monongalia County town is located just outside of Morgantown, giving it a similar score as Morgantown in several categories. Nightlife is a strong suit for Star City as well as good for families and public schools. Star City does not have a crime and safety rating, however. According to Niche, it offers a “dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes.” The lowest rating in Star City is a C for the weather.

#3 Cheat Lake

The top-rated place to live in Monongalia County is also the best place in West Virginia to raise a family, according to Niche. Cheat Lake has a rating of A+ for good for families and overall. It also has A’s for public schools, housing and jobs. Like its other Monongalia County locations, it has a C rating for the weather. Cheat Lake does not have a rating for crime and safety, and at least 80% of people who live in Cheat Lake own their own home.

#2 Athens

With an overall rating of A+, this Mercer County town offers a lower cost of living compared to some of the other top places in the state. Although it has no individual A+ category rankings, it has A’s in housing, good for families, cost of living, and commute. The median home value in Athens is over $100,000 less than the national average, making it more affordable. If high levels of diversity and jobs opportunities are on your must-have list, Athens may not be for you; it has C+ rankings in both categories.

#1 Bridgeport

Bridgeport in Harrison County has been named the best place to live in West Virginia. It has A rankings in housing, good for families and jobs. It also has several A- in public schools and health & fitness. The lowest categories in Bridgeport are B- in crime & safety, nightlife, weather and commute.

Other north central West Virginia places that made the list are Westover at number 13 and Pleasant Valley at number 21.

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