MINGO COUNTY, W.Va. (WOWK) – What was once private mining property is now an illegal dump site outside of Kermit, W.Va. along the Mingo/Wayne County line.

The Mingo County Sheriff’s Office has been fighting illegal dumping for months now and they don’t have the manpower nor resources to combat it.

Sheriff Joe Smith said it’s out of pure laziness and there’s no excuse for this behavior.

If the folks who dumped this trash think they got away with it, think again. Several pieces of mail found among the trash are clues to catching the culprits.

“I think two people, two names we found yesterday had actually had somebody haul it off and they provided us proof that they didn’t dump it. An individual actually hauled it off for them,” said Sheriff Smith.

It’s not only West Virginians who are dumping at the old mine.

Sgt. Phil Muncy, who is handling the dumpsite investigation said, “I found one, Beauty, Kentucky down there and it’s just right across the bridge at Kermit.”

Mingo County has a few trash collection companies that will pick up your garbage for a small fee. But apparently, dumpers would rather take the risk of being hit with a litter citation ranging from $150-10,000 rather than pay a few dollars to get rid of their trash responsibly.

If you know of someone who has or is illegally dumping in Mingo County, contact the Mingo County Sheriff’s Office at 304-235-0300. If you have any information pertaining to this specific illegal dumpsite, speak to Sgt. Muncy.

Sheriff Smith tells 13 News they’ll be issuing several citations. The investigation is ongoing.

The Mingo County Commission is considering adding legal dumpsites around the county if funding can be secured.