MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – West Virginia University football alum and former NFL punter, Pat McAfee gave back to his Morgantown roots.  

McAfee announced a $1 million donation to WVU Medicines Children’s hospital. The nine-story, 150-bed facility is under construction next to J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, on WVU Medicine’s main campus in Morgantown. 

Check from Pat McAfee to WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital (The Pat McAfee Show, YouTube)

He said in his video announcement that the hospital was the first place where he ever felt what it was like to serve the community when visiting the children there. 

Another WVU Football alum and legendary quarterback Jeff Hostetler who serves on the hospital’s leadership council has been involved in raising funding for the hospital for the past four years. He said he gets chills seeing the construction come to completion.  

“That donation from Pat and his team has been amazing, and he will have an impact, that donation will have an impact on so many families and kids that we probably will never know and it’s up to us now to take that and continue to have impacts,” Hostetler said. “We can all have impacts we can all leave an impression, make a mark and that’s our goal.” 

Hostetler and his wife are no strangers to giving to the hospital. Together they founded The Hoss Foundation, and back in October, they added to its 30-year tradition of giving to WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital with three gifts – totaling $175,000 – that provided much-needed support for patients and their families.

Hostetler said the community never ceases to amaze him with donations, like McAfee’s, that keep pouring in for the hospital. He said when he was a player and visited kids at the hospital, it helped everyone realize how quickly life can change and put things into perspective. 

Pat McAfee visiting WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital (The Pat McAfee Show YouTube)

“It’s really important for me, it’s a no-brainer to have our athletes, past and present, to be able to go over and join forces with our kids and our families that are going through some really, really tough times,” he said. “It has an impact on all parties. It’s a win-win.” 

Mcafee also mentioned in his announcement video how former WVU Football coach Bill Stewart impacted him to give back to the community. Hostetler said Stewart had the same impact on a lot of players.  

“To see one of those take that and comment on that impact and that’s why he was doing what he’s doing is pretty amazing,” Hostetler said. “Coach Stewart, we love him, we loved him and he’s still a big part of our hospital here.” 

McAfee’s donation comes after he secured a $30 million-per-year deal for the Pat McAfee Show with FanDuel. He also donated nearly $3 million to athletic programs in his hometown of Plum, Pa. and $1 million each to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and the Robert Mathis Original Gridiron Gang. 

McAfee’s full video announcement can be seen here.

Donations to WVU Medicine’s Children’s hospital can be made here.

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