CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – Deer mating season is here, and that also means you’re more likely to hit a deer with your car, according to AAA. Peak deer collision season runs from October through November.

AAA said the shorter days and longer nights can create a higher chance of deer collision. The group added that it’s essential to be on the lookout during the peak hours of five to eight in the morning and evening.

And according to Tiffany Stanley, the Public and Community Relations Manager, the cost of hitting a deer keeps getting more expensive.

“According to our AAA data, the average deer related claim cost around $5600 to repair which is actually $600 more than last year, so we are obviously seeing that increase due to inflation, right? And the cost of parts and labor as well. Please make sure that you check with your insurance agent have them take a look at your comprehensive coverage because that’s going to cover the deer claim if there is a loss. A comprehensive is anything other than collision so you’ll want to be sure that you have that on your policy and you’re comfortable with the deductible that it’s set at.”

Stanley said drivers should be aware that when there’s one deer there’s another one close behind. Be on the lookout for their eyes as they’re reflective and interact with headlights. She emphasized drivers should contact their insurance companies and to be prepared for any future collision.