CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) — A recommendation to increase the price of veterans’ grave markers in West Virginia was shot down by the Public Service Commission (PSC) of West Virginia on Thursday.

The PSC said that the recommendation, by a PSC task force and the West Virginia Cemetery & Funeral Association, was to increase the price by 51%, resulting in basic installation costing $151, an increase of $51; granite installation costing $377, an increase of $127; and granite purchase installation costing $573, an increase of $193.

“It will take much more information than the Commission received if we are to further burden these families with additional costs while they are burying their honored dead,” PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane said in a press release.

The text of the PSC’s decision states:

According to the Report, most of the cost information the Association provided to Staff was based on internet research rather than Service Provider records. Because the Association did not provide actual cost installation information in compliance with Grave Marker Rule 4.1 .b., the Commission will deny the Association’s request to increase the price ceilings set by Rule 2 of the Grave Marker Rules.

PSC document

The decision orders that the case is removed from the Commission’s docket of open cases.