CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Solar Holler is offering a collaborative incentive program for new installations in three counties in West Virginia.

Residents, businesses, and non-profits in Marion, Monongalia and Preston County are eligible for the incentive.

There are three tiers in the collaborative incentive program. If less than 10 people commit to go solar, they will each get a $1,000 discount on installation, 11 to 20 people get a $1,500 discount and if 21 or more people sign up, all 21 people get a $2,000 discount.

“Solar really allows you to continue powering your home even if the grid goes out. We believe that West Virginians also should have the opportunity of having access to solar power that we all deserve and that we all should have, and so we, you know, come up with ways to be able to give that to them,” said Karina Centeno, Solar Holler Community Marketing Manager.

As of Jan. 31, Solar Holler is in its second tier, so everyone who signed up before they reached the second tier will be upgraded to receive the additional $500.

“The idea of the collaborative is really to offer a group discount,” said Solar Holler Marketing Director Jessica
Edgerly Walsh. “As the interested group grows, the discount grows. If our crews can come to
Fairmont and work really efficiently on several installs at one time, we’ll save money, and we’re passing
those savings to you.”

New installations don’t cost anything upfront, and loan programs are available, so a discount of $1,500 makes solar panels an option for West Virginians.

The amount of panels needed for an area is based on a recent electric bill. Solar Holler installs enough panels that will give the buyer at least the minimum amount of electricity through solar power that is stated on their electric bill.

Some residential buildings install solar panels to be more self-sufficient and cut down on bills.

The average cost for a residential installation is $27,000.

“Sometimes people think that if they’re not producing much in the dead of winter… they’ll get a big
electric bill,” Walsh said. “That’s not the case, because we’re going to design your system to bank
enough credits in the sunnier months to use in the darker months.”

Enrollment for the collaborative incentive program ends on Feb. 28.

To enroll, you can visit their website, or call (304) 362-9515.